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factory outlet store Rae Dunn Up Till Midnight Mug Home

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Double Edge Safety Razors for Men

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Also known simply as a safety razor, a double edge razor can be identified by the one double-edged blade at its head, its protective barrier and its non-stick PTFE coating. Virtually unchanged for well over a century, it’s so easy to use, reliable and economical that it’s still as popular today as it was when your great-grandad used it. 

factory outlet store Rae Dunn Up Till Midnight Mug Home

Originally designed to minimise the risks of a straight razor, the double edge razor delivers a close and clean shave with a sharp and reliable blade, but keeps both your skin and your fingers safe. Its protective barrier reduces cuts, nicks and irritation while maintaining that sharp, smart and clearly defined look.

Wilkinson Sword’s Classic Double Edge Razor features:

  1. PTFE coating to reduce friction
  2. Easy-to-grip handle design
  3. Butterfly opening and locking mechanism
  4. Cost-effective 47mm blades

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By using only one blade at a time, double edge razors tend to reduce irritation and redness, providing a safer and more comfortable shave and leaving your skin looking its best.

Airline rules state that you can’t bring most types of razor into the cabin, including double edged safety razors, but you can pack them in your hold baggage. Make sure you shave before heading to the airport if you want to arrive looking swish!

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